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During this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7, 2010, I was a social media maven! I was watching the game, tweeting, reading some of the millions of Super Bowl tweets, writing this blog and texting my sister, who lives in Florida, throughout the game. People were tweeting the funniest things….

While I love Peyton Manning, I was cheering for the Saints to win their first Super Bowl for their long suffering fans, including my father who has lived in New Orleans for over 30 years. He’s been a loyal Saints fan during that entire time and has watched his beloved city try to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I was so happy for the Saints, the City of New Orleans and my dad when the Saints won the game!

But getting back to Twitter – I monitored the Super Bowl tweets throughout the entire game. Thousands were coming in each minute and at one point in the third quarter, Twitter was at capacity, and I couldn’t get on the site for several minutes.

Below are some of the tweets that were sent during the game. The tweets that I read were mostly about the commercials (many of them about the Google ad), the halftime show and a few about the actual game itself. I also added some other tweets that were just plain funny! Here they are by quarter:


Throughout the snow storm, we never lost power. 30 minutes before the Super Bowl, with food cooking, the power goes out.

It is Super Bowl Sunday and my mother brings vegetarian food. I’m done.

Keys to a hilarious Super Bowl commercial: Betty White AND Abe Vigoda. Genius

Robin Hood: Dumb. Doritos: I love it!! Bud Light: Me like last one.

I honestly didn’t think you could outsuck the Super Bowl Shuffle, but that Boost Mobile ‘reunion’ commercial pulled it off.

Do the Saints know this is the Super Bowl?!?! Step Ya Game Up!

Super Bowl ads are like watching a particularly cloying improv group. You can smell the reek of “trying too hard” coming out of the TV.

So far the only one that is winning this Super Bowl is CBS with all these Advertising revenues.


Super Bowl HD doesn’t look very good. Vizio or Time Warner? I think it’s Time Warner compression.

Only 3 teams have come from more than 7 down to win Super Bowl.

British kids seem really interested in the Super Bowl and have flocked to the telly to watch. Yet we don’t seem to care about their sport.

Two pants-less Super Bowl ads in a row makes me wonder what’s wrong w/us that only underpants get our attention.

Love this Bud Light Super Bowl ad spoofing ABC’s hit #Lost – poor “Kate”.

If Budweiser spent its entire Super Bowl ad budget on improving its beer, it would still taste like old man sweat.

The theme of this super bowl‘s commercial seems to be aiming at insecure guys. am I missing something?

I think it is becoming evident with this Super Bowl…the old media ads are not what they used to be…it is now about “#inbound marketing”

Get the feeling that Super Bowl ad execs are a bunch of men in miserable relationships.

Note: I saw Link to this article at about 4:30pmPT in the middle of the second quarter:

The Super Bowl game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints may be in full swing, but a winner has already emerged on the web. On Facebook, the Saints have racked up 418,000+ fans versus 304,000+ fans for the Colts. The graphs below, courtesy AllFacebook, show the trend. The Saints are winning on Google, too, with higher search volume and more news references than their rivals in recent weeks.


NOTE to advertisers: WOMEN watch & pay attention to the Super Bowl too. You’re missing the mark big time on this one #SB44. Seriously.

Sheldon Cooper hacking into the super bowl was pretty awesome! Bazingaaa!!

Used to sexism in Super Bowl ads, but this is outright misogyny. Very strange dynamic tonight.

Really underwhelmed by The Who’s first song during the Super Bowl Half-time. Srsly.

I’ll always remember where I was during the first Tiger Woods’ ad-free Super Bowl.

How did Willie Aames get the halftime of the Super Bowl gig?

Damn, it’s the Super Bowl and yet Shannon Sharpe still is wearing his little brother’s suit jacket.

On Justin Timberlake’s tombstone one day it should say one thing: “RUINED SUPER BOWL HALF-TIME ACTS FOREVER!”

Wow, really like the stage lights at the super bowl. Great production set up.

I wonder what social issues are driving the misogynistic and male-emancipating super bowl ads. War? Economy? Repressed ad exec?

Obviously they were on a budget this year for the Super Bowl. Queen Latifah? The Who?

I heard next year the Super Bowl is going to dig up Mozart for the hlf time show.

Next year’s Super Bowl halftime show: The Partridge Family reunion.


What a way to start the 2nd half of a Super Bowl! SAINTS recover an onside kick!!

The Saints just made one of the greatest/gutsiest moves in Super Bowl history.

5:39PM  – Twitter is over capacity. Too Many /Tweets.

Most ppl watch Super Bowl solely for commercials so skip the game & go to HULU, watch each commercial as its broadcast.

Awww the Google Super Bowl commercial is sweet… in a web 2.0 sorta way.

Google. Is that the best you could do? Good commercial, but not for a Super Bowl. It was like…looking at my computer screen.

Garrett Hartley becomes the 1st kicker in Super Bowl history to make three field goals of 40-plus yards. MVP?

I liked the Google ad. Simple. Informative. Useful. Showcased the product. Who says Super Bowl ads have to be funny?

Now I realize why Google had a super bowl ad…because they need the tax write off with all the money they’re making.


I think it’s pretty obvious that whoever the winning QB is will be the super bowl mvp…

Google ran a Super Bowl commercial that’s been on YouTube for three months. That’s actually original, in a backwards kinda way.

P.S. Our all girls Super Bowl party was nearly brought to tears by the Google commercial. Well played Google, well played.

Enjoyed The Who performance at the Super Bowl. (This is the only positive comment I saw.)

The Toyota Super Bowl commercial has just been recalled.

Between a Super Bowl win and Mardi Gras this week we should pray Bourbon Street doesn’t literally explode.

Remember, no Super Bowl has ever gone into OT.

Google just won for best Super Bowl ad. Involving marrying a woman, not resenting one.

How the Letterman-Oprah-Leno Super Bowl Ad Came Together »

Funny how the Cowboys beat these soon to be Super Bowl Champions.

I’m sure when Peyton Manning was growing up he always wanted to throw the TD pass that gave the Saints a Super Bowl win

Sean Peyton’s onside kick will go down in super bowl history as legendary.

Saints super bowl parade might be bigger than Mardi Gras! From Katrina to Super Bowl winner. God is def blessing the city of NO.


CONGRATULATIONS to the SAINTS – Super Bowl Champs! If any team deserves it, it’s definitely them * go ahead N.O.!!!

Yeah: Wow, the Saints win a Super Bowl. Archie Manning has GOT to be feeling weird as hell right now.

The Saints win the Super Bowl. Repeat, not a misprint: the Saints win the Super Bowl.

Drew Brees is Super Bowl MVP, but above all a true class act.


It was sent shortly after Carrie Underwood sang the National Anthem:

Bet Tony Romo is pissed that Carrie Underwood made it to the Super Bowl before he did.

  1. Christopher says:

    Holy moly! You are quite the digital maven indeed! How were you watching the tweets? Did you use an application or just search for the tweets via

    • Thanks! I searched Super Bowl on Twitter, and all the tweets with “super bowl” within the tweet automatically appeared in a list. Then about every 30 seconds a bar would appear at the top of the list telling me that ‘X number of tweets had been added since my last search.’ I’d click on the bar and the list would refresh with the new tweets. Usually the number was in the hundreds, unless a good play or commercial was broadcast. Then the number would climb into the thousands. It was pretty cool to watch it in real time!

  2. clintschaff says:

    That’s a pretty nice sampling of the conversation. I like how you pulled out that the Twitter overage occurred right after the pivotal onside kick to start the 2nd half. Interesting…

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