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Posted: March 8, 2010 in Research, Social Media, Social Network, Websites
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The best advice for understanding today’s websites, online content, trends and social media is to get technical. “The more technical you are the better,” says Raanan Bar Cohen, Vice President of Media Services at Automattic, the company who owns WordPress. He came to our Technology class on Wednesday, February 23, 2010 and talked to us about what we need to know to be successful in this Internet-focused world in which we now all live.

The first thing I took away from our discussion was that WordPress is a great company to work for. No one can fake that kind of enthusiasm for their products, the company vision, their employees and how they all work together when there is a crisis. With over 21+ million sites powered by WordPress and 255 global unique visits in January 2010, WordPress is the ninth largest site on the Internet.

I thought that the most important advice from Raanan was to be ‘data obsessed.’ He said, ‘if you can’t track it, you can’t launch it.’ I agree with him 100%. You can track almost every piece of content and most online marketing efforts that you place on your website. The opportunity is to launch it, evaluate the results and make the necessary changes so that it is successful. I think so many companies miss executing and learning from the evaluation section of their business plans.

The last bit of advice from Raanan shared was to ‘assume everything you post is public. Be careful what you put in emails.’  Great advice since you never know who is going to read something you wrote online or in an email and how fast it may spread.

Throughout most of his presentation, all I could think about was how glad I was that I put my blog on!

  1. Julie says:

    WordPress rules! It is seriously an amazing company that has redefined how everyone from lay bloggers to major corporations can develop and individualize websites. Love it!

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