You’ll Want To Keep Stumbling

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Entertainment, Research, Social Media, Websites
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For a class project presented on Monday, March 22, 2010, we were asked to select a successful website, travel back in time and pitch it as a potential startup. I went to Alexa and started searching the top sites and discovered This site is a companion website to search engines and helps users discover websites they would not normally come across when using a search engine. It allows users to discover great websites with one click of a button. Here’s how it works….

If you’ve never been on the site, go to and create a profile. As part of this profile, you’ll get to select from over 500 topics that you are interested in including humor, photography, cooking, astronomy, art, puzzles, books, health, fitness, various music genres, etc. Then, you’ll download the StumbleUpon toolbar onto your browser. This allows you to click on the “Stumble” button at any time you feel like it. Each time you click the ‘Stumble’ button, a random website appears based on the topics you selected in your profile. You can rate the website by clicking one of two buttons on the StumbleUpon toolbar: a “thumbs up” button if you like it or a “thumbs down” if you don’t. Each time you ‘stumble’ and provide a rating, StumbleUpon will learn what you like and your ‘stumbles’ will get more and more personalized. Websites that you like will be saved on your profile pages, which can be accessed again and again. StumbleUpon allows you to send websites to other StumbleUpon members and to any email address, so you can share your discoveries.

Before you start ‘stumbling’ make sure you have at least an hour. This site is so addicting! Since you never know what website is just one click away, you just keep stumbling. And, don’t even get me started on Stumbleupon Video site. It’s so awesome – check it out at .

  1. Blake says:

    So true. I would recommend giving yourself at least 3 hours to StumbleUpon if your new! Awesome pitch Jessica!

  2. clintschaff says:

    Thanks for posting about your project.

    To any content publishers reading, check out It’s a nice way to drive actual views of your content.

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