About JRapp

Jessica Rappaport is a Social Media Consultant and just earned a Master’s degree in Communications Management from the University of Southern California’s in December 2010.  The program’s curriculum was focused on all aspects of social media, including developing successful social media strategies, creating innovative web content and building and engaging online communities.

Her social media consulting services include the following:

•Provide education about all aspects of social media through presentations, informational meetings, and/or reports on what’s happening now and where the current trends are headed.
•Evaluate current traditional marketing strategies to determine where social media should be added or incorporated into the company’s marketing plans.
•Conduct a review of current marketing staffs, resources and responsibilities and develop a restructure plan to incorporate daily social media responsibilities and strategies.
•Research, write and execute strategic social media marketing plans.
•Develop social media strategies and tactics for execution on social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
•Work with web designers to help socially optimize websites to better execute social media strategies.

After working extensively in the broadcast and entertainment industries in marketing, branding and promotion, she decided to move to LA in January 2010 and get her Master’s. She is known for her positive outlook, commitment and passion for work. She was selected for prestigious honors, development programs and job promotions throughout her career as a result of successfully executed marketing strategies.

Specialties include:

Providing education on all aspects of social media, building loyal relationships online, analyzing online data, writing web content, generating new revenue, creating digital platforms, integrating social media as well as strategic planning and execution, reputation management and social networking strategies.

  1. Tom Byrnes says:

    Jessica, I am so happy that you are in the APOC program. I look forward to working with you in the not so distant future.

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